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About me.

Currently based in Cleveland and designing professionally since 1999, I specialize in design and art direction.

I'm an independent thinker who is passionate about design and all aspects of creativity. I create clever, intelligent, effective work for clients because I'm passionate about and dedicated to good design and focused creativity.


I use design and creativity to build meaningful connections in everyday experiences — design helps shape culture and touch people's lives.

Great design is simple. And focused. I believe an idea is strengthened by everything that is REMOVED from its execution, not ADDED to it. In today's culture of information overload, less is more. More effective because it's more direct. Keep the idea simple but the message compelling. You gotta get their attention and get to the point. In other words, keep it simple stupid.



The range of work I've done includes print design, web design, advertising, identity and brand development, motion graphics, illustration, video editing, music production and e-learning. I don't believe there are different kinds of design, just different applications of it. Effective creativity requires focused versatility and applied intelligence.


I believe design shapes every aspect of our lives. It's so integral and ubiquitous that most us take it for granted. Design isn't just about how something looks, it's about how it works. Effective design helps us make sense of the world and creativity makes the world more interesting. If you combine design with creativity, it engages people for maximum impact.



In order to create compelling and creative communication concepts, I focus on the idea before the medium. Concept is the foundation of everything else.

I apply a progressive perspective to my projects and offer intelligent, applicable creative solutions to create effective communication in various areas. I directly approach each client to know them integrally in order to build customized solutions based on their unique needs. As a sensible creator that understands brands and their undeniable emotional connection to humans, I strive to form a close relationship between the client and its target market. Through this personalized process, and based on expertise & know-how, myself and the client can work as partners to achieve an outstanding outcome.